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September 25, 2007

Blazer fans,

I just walked out of an academic team meeting and it was easy to tell that most everybody had an enjoyable weekend. I hung out at home on Friday night,. and on Saturday I spent most of the day hunting. After reading last week's blog, Swayze Waters threatened to call the game warden on me. I had to clear up the fact that deer hunting season in Georgia starts a few weeks earlier than in Alabama. I actually ended up crow hunting anyway.

Most people look at me funny when I mention hunting crows but it's right up there with frog gigging, catfishing, shooting skeet, or floating down the creek with a pretty girl. This is big-time entertainment in a small town like Cedartown, Georgia. I had an overall pretty good off week.

My only disappointment was I had to give up a chance to go see the Temptations on Sunday night because of a psychology test I had to study for. All of this in case you were wondering. (Mom, Dad, and Swayze Waters, I know for sure at least you three read this)

Now that it's game week and we've really started concentrating on Tulsa. Over the past few years in this conference most of the teams have been capable of beating anyone else on any given week. Some teams will probably have to rely on the late season losses of other conference teams in order to slip into a bowl. This game against Tulsa is big because it's the next one, and a win keeps us in control. We're digging in now for a long stretch of conference games. It's going to be intense.

Go Blazers!

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