Sept. 17
Sept. 10
September 17, 2007

Blazer fans,

First of all, I want to say I could never really get mad at my mom. She hands down has the sweetest heart I know and this week she wasn't the only smiling face I was glad to see after the game. From Coach Callaway down, the locker room was all smiles after our first win.

After the game I started thinking about time spent on the field, in meetings or in the weight room getting ready for this season. We invested a big part of our lives towards 12 three hour games. I thank God every night for the opportunity to be a part of this UAB football team, but to anybody that has put in time and effort towards winning like our players and coaches have, we obviously can't settle.

I've been soaking in this winning feeling all day. It's pretty cool, but losing is definitely the worst, so hopefully we can avoid that disappointment for the next three and a half months.

As for the game itself, the defense played lights out and kept the ball in our hands. We just have to play better on offense. Thankfully we had Swayze Waters to save our lack of third down conversions. As much as I love to see him knock them through from nearly halfway across the field, touchdowns add up a little quicker.

We'll still practice hard this week, but a weekend off is going to be nice. I know a lot of the players are excited about getting to go home and see their families. I'll probably be deer hunting this Saturday afternoon, but ill be thinking about Tulsa. I'm looking forward to a great season.


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