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Hello again UAB fans!

Another week has come and gone and I am here again to share the events of our team. This past week has been quite the challenge for our team, both physically and mentally. As you loyal readers and fans know, we have found ourselves in a bit of a rut lately. A couple of losses that were unfortunate and a couple of losses that just came down to giving our best each time we step on the field.

Coming off of a loss, we knew this past weeks' practice would be at a much higher level, not only because that is what Coach Harbin wanted, but also because we were not satisfied with the outcomes of our games. Each day last week we worked very hard out on the practice field. We worked on our one vs. one defending, having an appetite for the goal, and just being relentless and dynamic in everything we do, with purpose and with heart. Our practices were at a very high level all week to prepare us for our conference opener against Memphis.

We went to Memphis with their home crowd and also knowing that they just recently lost a student-athlete and friend. We knew that they would have a lot of emotions going into this game and ready to play. Stepping out on the field that night, we played a lot better and more effectively than we have been and ended up getting a goal in the first half from sophomore Danya Barsalona.

In second half, we knew it would be a battle and we continued to play fairly well, but they werre able to find the back of the net. Neither team was going to let the other score throughout the rest of the game, which made us go into golden-goal overtime, where the first team to score wins. After a few detail mistakes that we made, Memphis found a way to get by us and score to win the game. Our whole team felt frustration and helplessness at the time. Coach Harbin talked to us after the game and was pleased with our progress and effort from the last game and reminded us of the amazing competition that is within our conference. He also told us that we just have to get better and play harder each time we step on the field against an opponent.

Our team is on the road again this coming weekend, heading to Texas to play Rice and Houston. Practice has been focused on keeping possession of the ball this week. This is an ideal thought. but one that we are keeping in mind to try and set ourselves up for the best outcome. With this battling mentality, I hope that our team will be very successful and we hope to reap the benefits this weekend.

Although a rough week for many reasons, our team has practiced hard and kept each other smiling. So please tune in next time for what we hope to be exciting and good news for you all. Thanks for reading and cheering. GO BLAZERS!

~Don't forget this week is Homecoming for our football team, so please try to go to the game and support them as they play Tulane this Saturday!

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