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October 16, 2008

Blazer Fans,

I think we all know how to finish the lead in to this week's blog...WITH A WIN!

It's been a fun and busy Homecoming week here at UAB, as we all get ready to welcome the alumni back to campus. The students and faculty are gearing up for the big finish to the festivities, and that falls right in the lap of our Blazers. We all want to enjoy Saturday night, but no one wants to, and deserves to, more than the coaches and players.

I know it's been a frustrating season, so far, but there's still no reason we can't enjoy a strong close the 2008 campaign. The key will be for the players and coaches to find the focus, desire, determination and fortitude to put together their collective best 60 minutes of football to date. We've seen good quarters and even good halves (see last Thursday at Houston or the first 30 minutes in the season-opener against Tulsa), but the full, four-quarter game has been elusive, painfully so at times.

There have been "flashes" of brilliance this season from all facets, but there needs to be the steady brightness as opposed to the occasional blinding light. Believe me, a play-by-play announcer isn't the first one to figure all this out. The coaches know it, and so do the players. Coach Callaway spent a lot of time in his Monday press conference talking about adversity and having to overcome it, not just on the football field, but in every aspect of our daily lives. We talked last night on the call-in show about that subject, how it relates to confidence, and how hard it is to handle it. Football teams have to deal with a 20-hour work week, and even though they'd gladly make time for it, there's no way to put in a 10-minute practice period on "adversity" into the practice plan. We all know it when we see it or experience it, but handling it isn't something that can be taught on the practice field. It's one of those pesky problems that has to be dealt with on an individual basis. It would be so nice to go through a season, whatever the sport, and have your team never have to deal with adversity...and the same goes for life! But we all know that isn't realistic, so we learn to cope and adjust, and that's just what these Blazers are doing.

When you look around college football and see some of the things teams are dealing with, and how they are handling those issues, it gives you a definite sense of hope for this UAB team. Despite the trials and tribulations, we haven't seen or heard of any infighting or finger pointing. It's simply a frustrated bunch that is desperate for a win...and they'll get one, soon. I vote for this Saturday.

Please come out to Legion Field to support the Green and Gold. The weather should be darn near perfect for a football game. It's our only Saturday home game this month, and after this weekend, we have only one home game left (can that be true?). Blazer Village gets going at 1 PM, and we'll be on the air with pre-game starting at 1:30 PM from our mobile broadcast studio inside Blazer Village.

On a different note, basketball practice got started this week. The Blazers were picked to finish second in Conference USA this season, and Robert Vaden was tabbed as the league's pre-season Player of the Year. It won't be long before we're gathering in Bartow Arena for another season of UAB you have your tickets? Go by the ticket office at the arena, order online at or call 975-UAB1.

Also, congrats to the UAB volleyball team...they start a nice, long home stand this weekend on a 10-match win streak...KEEP IT UP!!!

Have a great weekend...join us at Legion Field this Saturday...and GO BLAZERS!

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