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January 20, 2009

Blazer fans,

It's nice to be at home for a while after our difficult start to the Conference USA season. The Blazers didn't play well in Houston, but the squad rebounded nicely against UCF at home. The shooting woes continued against the Knights, but the energy was much better, and the Green and Gold never gave up. The defensive intensity was the main reason UAB was able to come back and win that game, and the 17-0 run to end things was truly amazing. The guys got off to a much better start at Memphis on Saturday night, but they couldn't sustain things long enough to hold off the Tigers, who despite all their personnel losses, are still pretty good.

Then there was Monday night at Bartow Arena. It looked like weeks of offensive frustrations were vented on our visitors from Lafayette, Louisiana. UAB made it look effortless in running away with a 97-62 win. Coach Davis made a minor change in the starting line-up, and that certainly may have had an impact. We'll see if Howard Crawford remains in the starting five on Wednesday night when UTEP comes to town. It was great to see the Blazers shoot the lights out and have some fun in a game. Making shots always helps the cause, and this team definitely needed a night like that for its confidence.

We'll see if the spark is still there for the rest of the home stand. After the tough start to the conference slate we get to enjoy two straight league games at home. The Blazers have defended the home floor so far this season, and they've proven mighty tough at Bartow the last two years. The fans absolutely make a difference, and if you were in attendance last week at the UCF game you saw it first hand. Despite the offensive struggles, the fans kept the faith and they helped key that spectacular run to win it.

I hope to see you on Wednesday night for the Miners...tip time is 7 PM and we're on the air at 6:30 PM with pre-game...and again on Saturday afternoon when Rice comes calling. The Blazers and the Owls will tip it off at 2 PM, with pre-game starting at 1:30 PM on the Blazers ISP Sports Network.

There's a long way to go in this 2008-09 season, and despite a few more losses than we would like to see at this point, there is a lot to play for. The difficult schedule in the pre-conference portion of the year can still pay some dividends if UAB makes a strong run through the league.

Sorry for the infrequent posts the last couple of weeks...let's hope this nice cold weather will kill off all the "funk" going around!

Stay warm...stay healthy...and GO BLAZERS!!!

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