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Our Mission -

The mission of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Athletic Department is to promote the highest quality of athletic competition in collegiate sports, to encourage a standard of sportsmanship among student-athletes, and to instill a sense of pride in and commitment to the University and the community.

Professional Sports Counseling Panel -

The President of UAB has established a Professional Sports Counseling Panel as a resource for its student athletes. This Panel is authorized by the NCAA, and is intended to assist student-athletes to obtain and evaluate information about professional sports careers, and to provide information about communications between athletes and agents.

The UAB Athletic Department recognizes that professional sports agents have specialized knowledge that may assist student-athletes who aspire to careers in professional sports. The Professional Sports Counseling Panel can assist student- athletes to make informed decisions about professional careers by providing information about professional sports contracting, selection of an agent or other representative, evaluation of professional potential and market value, purchase of disability insurance, career options, and other issues related to making the transition from collegiate to professional sports. The Panel also has the important objective of educating UAB student athletes about NCAA and legal requirements that must be followed to protect the student-athlete's eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics.

NCAA Rules and the Law -

Alabama law requires that all persons who seek to act as athlete agents in Alabama must register with the Secretary of State and must be issued a certificate of registration. This law also requires the student athlete to notify the UAB Athletic Director within 72 hours or before the next, scheduled athletic event, if the student-athlete has entered into a verbal or written contract with an agent or has accepted anything of value from an agent or an agent's "runner."

In addition to the requirement of Alabama law, some important points student-athletes must be aware of as they explore professional sports opportunities include the following NCAA Rules, among others:

  • A student-athlete who agrees, either verbally or in writing, to be represented by an athlete agent, either at the present time or at any time in the future, will lose his/her eligibility to play that intercollegiate sport. This Rule applies even if the student-athlete intended the agent representation to take place after he/she had completed intercollegiate eligibility.
  • A student-athlete will lose intercollegiate eligibility if he/she, any family member, or friend accepts transportation or other benefits from any person (runner/agent) who represents any individual in the marketing of his/her athletic skills.
  • The Professional Sports Counseling Panel can answer questions the student-athlete may have about the law, NCAA Rules, professional sports and alternative careers.

    A student-athlete's eligibility to participate in an intercollegiate sport is something to be protected. Before you speak with an agent or an agent's representative (runner) about your future, or accept anything of value from them, contact the UAB Athletic Department, or a member of the Professional Sports Counseling Panel for assistance. The Panel members are here to help answer any questions you may have about sports contacts, the law, NCAA Rules and related matters of interest to student-athletes. If you are approached by an agent or his/her runner, tell him or her to contact the UAB Athletic Department or a Panel member. Remember that improper contacts with an agent or an agent's runner, or the receipt of anything of value, can result in the dismissal from your team, loss of intercollegiate athletic eligibility, and the withdrawal of an athletic grant-in-aid (scholarship) and any related benefits.

    The following people are members of the Professional Sports Counseling Panel and are available to answer any of your questions:

  • Chad Jackson - Associate Athletic Director, Compliance (205) 975-3051
  • Lee Moon - Senior Associate Athletic Director (205) 934-1900
  • Stella Cocoris - Assistant VP for Enrollment Services and University Registrar (205) 934-8152
  • Claude E. McCann - Assistant VP for Financial Affairs (205) 975-5207
  • Edward J. Kennedy III - Legal Counsel (205) 934-3474 or (205) 975-4874
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