Hall of Fame Bylaws

March 27, 2013




I. Occurrence

a. The inaugural UAB Athletics Hall of Fame (HoF) was held in October 2009.

b. The UAB Athletics Hall of Fame shall hold an induction ceremony every three academic years.

II. Nominations

a. Nominations may be made by anyone at any time.

i. For a nomination to be considered for the next induction, the nomination form must be received by the Selection Committee six months prior to the day of induction.

ii. The specific deadline date will be set yearly.

iii. All nominations received prior to an induction will be kept on file for future inductions.

b. The nomination form must be completed in full and the nominee must meet all qualifications for the nominating category in order to be considered.

c. All nomination forms will be kept on file indefinitely.

d. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee has the discretion to narrow the field of nominees.

III. Eligibility / Criteria

a. All Hall of Fame inductees must meet the minimum requirements for their category.

b. A minimum of three inductees and a maximum of five inductees may be inducted into the Hall of Fame in one term.

c. There shall not be more than one deceased inductee per term.

d. There are five Hall of Fame categories for which nominations will be accepted:

i. Student-Athlete

1. Must have completed athletics career at UAB at least five years prior to the year of nomination

2. Earned at least one letter at UAB

3. Demonstrated leadership, sportsmanship, scholarship, character and integrity

4. Completed an above-average athletic career

ii. Coach

1. Must have served at least four years as part of the UAB Athletics Coaching Staff

2. Eligible three years after leaving specific role of nomination

iii. Administrator

1. Have not worked for UAB in the last three years

2. Must have worked in the UAB athletics department for a minimum of five years

iv. Team

1. Must have achieved above-average success on the playing field and brought national recognition to UAB (including but not limited to: bowl victories, national championships, undefeated seasons, a national ranking in the final polls, etc.)

2. Teams are eligible seven years after completion of nominated season

v. Special Award

1. The Selection Committee shall vote on the name of this award

2. Nominees for this award cannot be a former UAB student-athlete, coach or administrator

3. Individual must have made significant contributions to the advancement of UAB Athletics

4. No more than two of these awards shall be awarded per induction term

IV. Selection Committee

a. The Selection Committee will be selected and operate during the year of an induction. There will not be an active committee during the years without an induction.

b. The Selection Committee shall consist of exactly nine voting members:

i. UAB Athletics Director
ii. B Club President
iii. UAB Faculty Athletics Representative
iv. Blazer Boosters Staff B Club Liaison*
1. *Will serve as the Committee Chair

v. Birmingham Media Member (past or present)

vi. Current UAB Athletics Media Relations Staff Member

vii. At-Large Member (to be appointed by the Athletics Director)

viii. At-Large Member (to be appointed by the Athletics Director)

ix. At-Large Member (to be appointed by the Athletics Director)

x. Ex-Officio: UAB Athletics Special Events Coordinator

1. Non-voting member

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