Varsity ($1,000-$2,499)
Ken Adams
Alabama Pool Services Co.
Jeanne Alexander
Drs. John and Catherine Amos
Cedric Anderson
Wes Baker
Richard and Sabrina Baker
Jennifer Banks
Louay Bayazid
Bayer Properties
David and Glenda Bearden
Dr. David Bell
Mark J. Bentley
Norman and Phyllis Berk
Gil Berman
Earle Bidez
Birmingham Business Alliance
Birmingham Coal Company
Justin and Analyn Blair
Doyle Blankenship
Kenneth and Karen Bluestein
Walley and Barb Borries
Phillip Bowden
Jeffrey and Theresa Bradley
Sam and Libby Brown
Theodis Buggs, MD
Eugene and Judy Butler
Nathaniel Butler
Dr. Joan Carlisle
Richard and Amy Cashio
Mitchell Cawley
Mrs. Harriet Cloud
Shilene M. Cobbs
Gary and Charlotte Coe
Martin and Leanna Coffey
Max Cooper
Mike Craft
Skip and Marsha Craig
Marshall Crowther
Gary and Sharon Cutter
Richard Day
Jerry Dichiara
Thomas M. DiLorenzo
Jason Douglas
Larry and Janet Douglas
David and Patricia Driscoll
Ron and Juanita Durham
Susan and Morgan Eiland
Wayne Ellis
David and Nancy Faulkner
John and Lynne Faulstich
Drew and Pamela Ferguson
Jeff and Nancy Forman
Earl and Nan Foust
Brent and Andrea Gage
Hugh and Anna Gainer
Lucas Gambino
Dr. and Mrs. Shawn Gilbert
Mike and Linda Godfrey
Debra and Joel Goldstein
William and Sally Gombita
William and Fran Goodrich
Dr. Sarah Gordon
Richard and Avelyn Guilbeau
Dr. Doreen Harper
Jeremy P. Harper
Roger and Donna Harris
Roger Hartline
Gregg and Jamie Helms
Wilburn and Norma Hester
Janet Hill
Don and Marsha Hire
Hoar Construction General Contractors
Keelon Hobbs
Steve and Donna Howard
Scott Huffman
Faye Ireland
Eric P. Jack
Jenetta L. Johnson
Robert and Laura Johnson
Dr. Sarah R. Johnston and Mr. Ralph E. Johnston
Bob and Carol Jones
Virginia Jones
Erik Kahill
James and Sheri Krell
Cynthia Laken
Norman Latona
Dennis and Beth Leonard
Jimmy Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Lloyd
Virginia and Robert Loftin
Larry and Pamela Lokey
Mayor Walter T. Maddox
Richard Margison
Dr. Chris J. McCallum
Charles McCombs
Sheri McFall
Gene and Martha McLaughlin
Medical Properties Trust, Inc.
Patrick McLendon
Joe and Kayla Meadow
Todd and Crystal Merkel
Ricky Miskelley
Bob and Jennifer Mitchell
John and Jane Moody
Dr. Teresa Moran and Mr. Jim Taylor
Whitney Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. John Morris
Jeff and Jennifer Morrison
Al and Deborah Murray
Joe Nelson
Michael and Gale Nelson
Rodney Nowakowski
Charles and Ashley Parrish
Lenora W. Pate and Steven A. Brickman
Pam Paustian
Laura Pearson
T. Scott Plutchak
Justin Poole
Larry and Clarine Powell
Morris J. Princiotta
Patricia Raczynski
Derita Ratcliffe
Charles A. Reid
Sonny Resha
Jason G. Roberts
Bud and Dixie Robinson
Justin and Phyllis Rodgers
Maria Roitman
David and Sherri Romanoff
Kevin Roth
Rick Roth
Mike and Julie Rowe
Barbara and Stuart Royal
Charles and Elizabeth Saab
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Saag
Harlan Sands
Daniel and Carol Sansone
Dr. and Mrs. Johnny W. Scott
David and Susan Silverstein
Henry Simpson
Dr. Larry Z. Slater
Don and Judith Smith
Stan and Dorothy Smith
Southern Research Institute
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Stanley
Starnes Davis Florie, LLP
Bill Steinert
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Strand
Stephanie Strauss
Mike Strength
Phillip and Eugenia Stutts
William and Grace Swoger
Mike and Aletha Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Thompson
Roger A. Thompson
Scott Touger
UAB National Alumni Society
Office of Provost
John V. Valekis
Donny and Donna Vines
Bruce Von Hagel
Richard Walton
David and Deitra Watts
James C. White
Wayne White
Pennington and Sarah Whiteside, Jr.
Jane Williams
Mr. and Mrs. N. Thomas Williams
Larry and Maves Youngblood
Michael Zucco


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