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At UAB, we are committed to bringing quality young people to our campus who will come and be successful in both academics and athletics. Below is a list of various services offered through the academic center for all student-athletes:

•   Academic Mentoring Program
•   Academic support for teams while on the road
•   Athletic Advisors (8 advisors work with our 18 teams) to coordinate support services
•   BLAzE Program (Learning Support Program individually designed for each student)
•   Life Skills Program (Commitment to...)
           •   Academic Excellence
           •   Athletic Excellence
           •   Career Development
           •   Professional/Personal Development
           •   Community Service
•   Laptop Checkout Plan
•   Two Labs (General Computer and Learning Lab
•   Learning Specialist/Learning Styles Assessment
•   Reading and Writing Specialist
•   Promotion of Academic Excellence in Student-Athletes
           •   Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society
           •   Conference and National Award Nomination and Recognition
•   Study hall (structured and flexible)
•   Tutoring program

We look forward to continuing the tradition of academic excellence and providing support to every student-athlete in our program. We look forward to meeting you because at UAB, it starts with 'U'!



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Life Skills Program

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