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Academic Planning and Counseling: The Don M. and Marsha Hoke Hire Student-Athlete Academic Center advisors, in conjunction with specific major advisors, work with student-athletes on necessary requirements for their chosen degree. The Don M. and Marsha Hoke Hire Student-Athlete Academic Center advisors also help plan class schedules, keeping in mind academic standing, practice, travel and competition schedules.

Academic Progress Review: In cooperation with faculty members, the Don M. and Marsha Hoke Hire Student-Athlete Academic Center advisors periodically review the academic performance and class attendance of all student-athletes. The staff monitors the progress of each student-athlete toward graduation. All academic progress information is shared with the athletes, their coaches, and the Director of Athletics.

Orientation: A special orientation program helps student-athletes in their transition from high school to college. They learn what is expected of them, what the university's responsibility to them is and what adjustments they will need to make in order to succeed. The orientation provides an introduction to UAB during which student-athletes' questions are answered by coaches, faculty, administrators and other students.

Tutoring and Study Hall: Individual and group tutoring in all subjects is available to every student-athlete free of charge. Tutors are available in the Don M. and Marsha Hoke Hire Student-Athlete Academic Center. Schedules will be established early each semester for all tutorial sessions with continued modification throughout the semester according to the student-athlete's individual needs.

Academic Mentoring: Student-athletes are paired up with an academic mentor who assists in the overall learning process. The academic mentors assist in time management, study skills and overall organization to assist our student-athletes in being productive students.

Academic Support during Team Travel: Whenever requested, we will provide a team with academic support on the road. Typically, a member of the academic staff from UAB will accompany the travel team, or we will coordinate support with a local institution.



Name Position Contact Info
Justin MackeyDirector - Student Services
  • Men's Basketball
  • SAAC & Life Skills Director
    (205) 996-9046
    211 Bell Building
    Gregory Green, Sr. Coordinator - Student Services
  • Football
  • SAAC Co-Advisor
    (205) 975-3268
    101A Bell Building

    Drew Barnette Athletic Academic Advisor
  • Men's Soccer
  • Women's Soccer
  • Women's Softball
    (205) 975-8172
    101A Bell Building
    Wayne HambergerLearning Specialist/Mentor Coordinator
    (205) 996-2858
    207 Bell Building
    Michelle Lesley JohnsonAthletic Academic Advisor/Book Coordinator
  • Football (Offense)
  • Women's Rifle
    (205) 975-8130
    101C Bell Building
    Morgan C. MercerAthletic Academic Advisor
  • Football (Defense)
  • Women's Tennis
    (205) 996-3096
    101E Bell Building
    Amy NicholasReading & Writing Specialist
    (205) 934-6640
    207 Bell Building
    Josh WatsonAcademic Advisor
  • Men's Baseball
  • Men's Golf
  • Women's Golf
    (205) 975-8521
    105A Bell Building
    Kym WinstonStudent Services Assistant
    (205) 975-8514
    105C Bell Building
    LaToya ZinnermanAdministrative Assistant
    (205) 975-2981
    105D Bell Building



    Student-Athlete Support Services is located in the:

      Don M. and Marsha Hoke Hire Student-Athlete Academic Center
      105 Bell Building
      1220 University Boulevard
      Birmingham, AL 35294-3340

    Hire Student Athlete Academic Center Facilities Initiative



    Phone: (205) 975-2981
    Fax: (205) 934-7782

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